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Tatrix is a community gaming server and get accounts by Invite Users or Boost The Server but if you lie u will get instant kick from the staff.

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Tatrix has always giving accounts for free and gw some Legit items!
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Staff will never ask you for any private info like credit/debit card info, Address and Account passwords.
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Questions & Answers

You've got questions and Tatrix has all the answers. Everything you're probably still wondering is covered right here - and if there's still something on your mind, reach out to our support team or read our FAQ page!

How To Get The Accounts From The Server?

You can get the accounts from the server by invite user or boost the server and you'll get a account!

How Do I Claim Account From The Server?

After You Get Enought Invites You Might Have To Go To Ticket Channel And React The Claim Rewards And Ask For Account And Wait For The Staff Respone! Same As The Booster.

Where do I contact to the owner??

To contact Owner, you can join our discord here.

Is Tatrix Really Legit?

Yes Tatrix Server Was 100% Free!